current status:

After an eight year volunteer lobbying effort and the support of Congress, "All Kids Count" (AKC) obtained two Department of Justice grants in the Commerce Justice Science Bill. In turn, production of the first child-safety/crime prevention film series, geared for ages 9 and up to experience with parents/guardians, was successfully produced and well-received.

Based on the overwhelming reactions to the first 3-part film series, the filmmakers returned to Capitol Hill and requested additional funding from Congress to produce the final two AKC age-specific programs. It seemed the endeavor was about to receive an appropriation, however, a moratorium was placed on all congressionally-mandated grants and "All Kids Count", along with many proven worthy endeavors, lost its funding. We are now hoping to obtain financial support from foundations, corporations and individual child-safety advocates to help carry the cause.

creative report:

During the script writing process, the DOJ, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), U.S. Attorney's Office/Operation Safe Childhood and professional authorities in the educational sector took an active role. By combining their expertise on the subject matters with our abilities as filmmakers, we were able to create a captivating and entertaining production, with theatrical motion picture quality.

What distinguishes "All Kids Count" from traditional safety programs is that there are no authority figures instructing kids on the "rules" or how to behave. Rather, the critical information is conveyed in an "info-tainment" style, where the viewer watches young people interact and experiences their adventures.

The unique thematic approach was developed after conducting nationwide focus groups with hundreds of children, parents and educators. By interviewing target audiences, we heard their perspectives on the topics and listened to ideas on what they would like to see. Towards the end of the film post-production process, screenings were held in multiple cities to obtain feedback and input. Various suggestions were incorporated, and AKC was modified prior to its release. The focus group studies represented a cross-section of America - from inner-city to suburbia to rural communities.

In addition to the educational curricula delivering knowledge, the filmmakers hope to create a higher consciousness of the issues, to both young people and adults alike.

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