All Kids Count

congressional activities and support:

Letter Image 3 The making of "All Kids Count" represents an 8-year volunteer lobbying effort, encompassing two dozen visits to Capitol Hill and scores of communications. The non-partisan initiative earned support from the House Caucus on Missing & Exploited Children, along with the Black, Hispanic, and Children's Caucuses. The Women's Caucus selected AKC as one of six projects (from 400) they were requested by Members to officially endorse. In the film's credits, there is a special section that pays tribute to AKC's supporters on Capitol Hill.

former administration support:

"All Kids Count" was introduced to the former Administration by a letter of recognition from Congress, co-authored by Reps. Jim Gerlach (R-PA) and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). Letter Image 1 The majority of the Members who participated held Chairperson or Ranking Member distinction on sub-committees that address education, child-safety and crime prevention issues. In unison with Congress, the National Education Association (NEA) reached out to the Office of Domestic Policy to bring attention to the film productions and the accomplishment of the Department of Justice grants. Additional endorsements were sent by the American Library Association, National Sheriffs' Association, National Association of Elementary School Principals, American Association of School Administrators and the Health Information Network of the NEA. After the Administration received the letter from Congress, and hearing from the organizations who represent our nation's educational and law enforcement sectors, the filmmakers received a letter of gratitude.

(AKC plans to contact the current Administration to create awareness and support)